Audio and Sound

A feast for the ears

Every voice counts - nothing passes us by. We want your film not just to impress with jaw-dropping images, but to captivate with its sounds. Here too, we are meticulous and perform an internal correction run.

We implement voice recordings, mixtures and audio corrections as well as adaptations of foreign language versions, multi-channel productions, DOLBY-E edits and sound restorations. Only crystal-clear, brilliant broadcasts leave our studios.

Our own recording studio

We consider the most powerful audio editing software on the market to be the right tool for the job. In our fully equipped in-house recording studio, we direct proceedings with Pro Tools HDX. It leaves nothing to be desired: upon request, we can turn quiet sounds into loud ones.

We enjoy editing projects for large concert halls, but we also tend to every little detail as perfectionists when it comes to the removal of technical defects. Reverberations, noise due to an excessively low recording level, unwanted ambient noise or network and dimmer hums - we listen carefully and eliminate them. And if it has to be quick - we can also reliably implement short-term voice recordings in short time windows.

Equipment & services

  • Recording Studio

  • Pro Tools HDX

  • Vocal booth

  • Voice recordings

  • Foreign language versions

  • Elimination of technical defects

  • Mixtures and sound corrections

  • Multi-channel productions

  • Dolby-E

  • Sound restorations

the tone!

Audio and sound

Noise or crackling sound? With us, your production only goes into broadcast crystal clear and super clean, because we are as perfectionist with the sound as we are with the image. And quick, thanks to a complete recording studio in-house, just in case a voice recording needs to be changed ad hoc.

Best infrastructure

Excellent location and fast dedicated line

Benefit from the fastest network connection in an excellent location in Wiesbaden.

Nothing stands in the way of your next film project, either digitally or analogue. Waiting for what? Simply get in touch with us.

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