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AVID Cloud UX –
The tool for editors, directors and producers

Edit, comment and manage your content from anywhere and coordinate it directly with post production. User-friendly and efficient.
  • 1. upload of the master footage

    Upload your original material via our optimised file transfer server. The processing of UHD material is also possible.

  • 2. manage, view and backup

    View and structure your production or contribution directly. You can also create rough cuts if required. Your production can already be made as a backup

    For dubbed versions (localizations), the material can be checked and markers set at this stage, allowing you to estimate the effort involved more accurately.

  • 3. coordination – quick and easy

    Coordinate scenes, cuts, audio and effects effectively with post-production. This can be done simultaneously or independently of each other. The master timeline is available to you 1:1.

  • 4. further processing – transparent and efficient

    Subsequently, corrections, comments and requests can be tracked via markers (editing, checking, localization..

Your contact persons

for Avid Cloud UX

  • Andreas Statzner

    Managing director
  • Simon Schneider

    Managing Director
  • Sascha Fröhder

    Media designer image and sound

Produce high-quality content – from anywhere

Avid CloudUX – the newest member of our Magenta TV infrastructure – will revolutionize your production workflow, keep you focused, and get you there faster. With Avid CloudUX, you can edit, comment and manage your content from anywhere and coordinate it directly with post-production.

Because we love easy-to-use systems, we’ve created a solution that lets you take full advantage of this tool without the hassle of setting up a VPN (virtual private network). Comfortable, stable and secure via the Private Cloud hosted by Magenta TV in Wiesbaden. Simply access it via your browser, log in and get started.

What does Avid Cloud UX offer?

  • View, manage and structure your assets
  • Creation of content/sequences by drag-and-drop (e.g.: for rough cut)
  • 1:1 playback of the editing of the Avid environment of your operator
  • Live conversion of the project – optimized for viewing
  • Editing and review of video and audio content
  • Comment and marking functions
  • Global search functions
  • Reduced and intuitive user interface
  • Extensive user management

What else do we offer you?

  • Avid Cloud UX without VPN
  • Optimized File Transfer Server for fast and secure upload of your media
  • digital asset management server
  • Passionate team of editors, colorists, visual artists and audiophiles
  • Direct backup of your assets to our central storage
  • Dolby Vision Workflow/ColorGrading for dynamic HDR and optimized SDR versions
  • Efficient UHD workflow

Accelerate your production – right from the start

Viewing, structuring, the first rough cut or the joint inspection with the cutter can be carried out using all the material directly after production. No mp4 has to be created and sent. Simply upload your production via our FileTransfer-Server. We create your database with the Avid project and you are ready to go.

Through the extensive data and user management, access to projects, project members, media and tasks can be adapted to your needs at any time.

Another advantage is that backups can be made now, rather than at the end of the post production process and sending the original material.

Start designing straightaway

With Avid CloudUX, you can work on your contributions on location without full-featured editing software. Magenta TV makes this possible without the hassle of setting up a VPN.

Use the built-in asset editor to highlight “Ins” and “Outs” in your selected clips. Simply create sequences and perform basic editing. Use the integrated audio tools to integrate narration and other sounds into your rough cut.

From global search capabilities and drag-and-drop content creation to content management and editing, the vast majority of management and design features are available to you.

Collaboration at its best

As the process continues, the coordination process is kept flexible and effective. Cloud UX does not replace the operator’s familiar Avid environment. The editor can work at his editing suite as usual. Meanwhile, the material, master timeline, and 1:1 editing are available to the editor or director in the simplified version of Cloud UX. Here, the intuitive interface allows for collaboration and coordination of the material. The project is converted live and displayed on the timeline.

Corrections can also be made afterwards and independently of time via markers and comments (editing, checking, localization).  A further advantage: For dubbed versions, the effort required can be estimated more accurately.

And another thing: You want to use your own cutter? No problem! We will be happy to provide you with an editing suite.


The Avid Cloud UX covers a wide range of media production and media management scenarios. Due to the continuous development, the use cases are almost unlimited.

With Cloud UX and Magenta TV, you’ll save an incredible amount of time, a lot of nerves, and your project is well stored from the start.

Use our infrastructure, our know-how, our passion and experience film and TV production at the highest level – right from the start. Efficient and creative.