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Magenta TV

Passion – from 25 minds

At Magenta, we have been at the highest level of film production and processing for more than 45 years. Our 25-person team can claim to deliver masterful work on a daily basis. Because we love what we do and will never lose enthusiasm for your projects and for solving creative and ambitious tasks.

Our know-how – 40 years in motion

Take a dip in our Magenta world and see us at work. We are a team of experts and specialists, some of us with more than 40 years of professional experience and our technical equipment is second to none. We are convinced of our transparent processes, flexible procedures and customer care with heart and brain.

Latest news in post production

Avid Cloud UX – NEW: usable without VPN

Avid CloudUX will revolutionize your production workflow, keep you focused, and get you there faster. And because we love easy-to-use systems, we’ve created a solution that lets you take full advantage of this tool without the hassle of setting up a VPN (virtual private network).

Most efficient workflow for HDR and SDR

We at Magenta TV offer the most efficient way, in our view, to provide optimal HDR and SDR versions of your film and to deliver the data your production needs. Thereby we always have your cinematic requirements in mind. Learn more about the “5 steps to the optimal HDR and SDR version”.

All about HDR – for filmmakers

Quite a few consider the quality leap from SDR to HDR to be one of the most significant improvements in moving image display in recent decades. For this reason, we have written an article about the current state of the art and the possibilities for filmmakers.

Magenta TV – Dolby Vision Certified Facility

Since September 3, 2019 we are  officially the first post production company in Germany to be Dolby-Vision certified!

Our Services

We are professionals, our devices are professional. We leave nothing to chance, are technically state of the art and adjust to new demands.

Technical services

Copies and conversions
Just as with mastering, you can also rely on our know-how and equipment here. As a team of creative engineers, we know how much to appreciate our lovingly maintained VTR systems and can guarantee impeccable quality for all forms of recording.
Encoding and archiving
Not only is our team well connected for optimum processes, all devices in our internal 10 GBit network are also centrally connected via switcher for SDI and AES signals which can be controlled by the respective operator on a tablet. We love it fast, easy and cost-efficient – just like our customers.
Quality Checks
We check all programs according to the clearly defined specifications of ARD and ZDF, but are also happy to skillfully develop individual test concepts for your requirements. We will be happy to advise you and deal with optimized processes.
Book an edit suite
We are pleased to see new faces and allow cutters to immerse themselves in the Magenta environment. Book our fully equipped edit suites and bring your staff.


Avid Cloud UX
The tool for editors, directors and producers. Revolutionise your production workflow without a VPN.
Dolby Vision Workflow
Dynamic HDR offers tremendous new possibilities to tell your story in colour. The Dolby Vision workflow offers a very efficient method of realising this.
We are passionate cut experts and devote ourselves to the demanding assembly of your material. Of course, we work according to the specifications of the director and contribute our creative and technical skills. Changes to the cut can significantly change the rhythm and impact of a film. We are puppet players.
Clear accents – lasting impressions. We create looks and design atmospheres for the right mood and unique impressions for the audience. By the way, this also applies to your old treasures in the archive.
We are professionals – our equipment is professional – our range of formats is large – together we are Magenta and have been making your films fit for broadcast for more than 40 years. You can see that and you can feel it.
Audio and Sound
Noise or crackling? Your production will only go on air with us crystal clear and super clean, because we are at least as perfectionist when it comes to sound as we are with images – and fast, thanks to our complete in-house recording studio, in case a voice recording needs to be changed on the fly.
Dubbing and localization
The world is rich in languages and we think that’s wonderful. Our network of competent translators, authors and well-known voice actors is also delighted with the many international productions.


Production consulting
Take advantage of our expertise from over 40 years of production and post-production – we will be happy to advise you. If you need support with our production consultancy in the planning or coordination of technical processes, we will be happy to help you save time and money.
TV Clips
You can tell a lot in 20 minutes, but we can also do it in 20 seconds. We produce customised TV commercials: emotional, informative and convincing. We get your message to the point and into the memory of your audience.
Cinema trailers
Appetite for more: The perfect trailer arouses interest, tickles needs and hits the heart. Thrilling music, great pictures and just the right words at the right moment – almost a science in itself that requires a maximum of narrative economy.
Image films
The authentic look behind the scenes of your company is priceless – with dedication and meticulous commitment, we produce image films which put your company in the best light and all your competitors in the shade

The Team

in motion since 1979

Alice Smolka

Clerk for office communication

Andreas Racky

Managing Director

Andreas Statzner

Managing director


Mental-Health Coach

Bernd Weil


David Wieczorek

Media designer image and sound

Dirk Goldbach

Media Designer Image/Sound, B.Sc. Media, IT and Management

Dominik Näder

Media designer image and sound

Florian Zagni

Production management/technician for information and communication technology

Kim Seidemann

Media designer image and sound

Kevin Schmittel

Commercial clerk

Holger Jung

Audio Engineer


Debt collection

Niels Torben Back

Media designer image/sound, colorist

Lasse Schmidt

Media designer image and sound in training

Sven Haas

Media designer image/sound, technician, colorist

Saskia Haas

Management Assistant, B.Sc. Media, IT and management

Sebastian Beyer

Media designer image and sound

Simon Schneider

Managing Director

Sascha Fröhder

Media designer image and sound

Paul Thorwest

Commercial clerk