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Magenta TV - more then 20 colorful people, a circle of experts brought together by their passion for film and TV, guided in all tasks by experience, craftsmanship, creativity, passion and understanding. An all-round success. From trainees to old hands - we work hand in hand, striving for perfect results and customer satisfaction.

This is us

For more than 40 years we have stood for film production and film processing at the highest level.

Alice Smolka

Clerk for office communications

My role
Appointments, meetings, bookings - always at the right time with the right contact. > Alice takes care of the necessary connections.
I have been at Magenta since 2012, because ...
... I do my tasks with care to make sure that every customer knows that their job is in safe hands with me.

Andreas Racky

Managing director

My role
Management is teamwork - good planning and implementation is a talent that moves each team forward. > Andreas looks to the future.
I have been at Magenta since 2007, because ...
... things are taking off and I can bring in all of my talents: communication, organization, technique.

Andreas Statzner

Managing director

My role
Image and sound - it is just like graphics and cut or management and customer service. > Andreas is the creative head and ensures perfect synergies.
I have been at Magenta since 2001, because ...
... I have never wanted to be anywhere else.

Simon Schneider

Managing director

My role
Hardware in the morning, software in the afternoon, special tasks in the evening. > Simon caters for perfect IT and always finds a solution.
I have been at Magenta since 1999, because ...
... our tasks often require very individual solutions and achieving such complex solutions, adapting them and making them usable for our customers is my passion. Technically, we are always in the high-end range and so we are able to fully exploit the creative potential of our motivated team.

Bernd Weil


My role
He does not know the meaning of the word ‘chaos’. Media archive and transport: > Bernd has everything under control.
I have been at Magenta since 2015, because ...
... I find the mix of young media pups and old TV warhorses exciting and interesting. You could say: "Variety is the essence". At the age of 56, I found the team which I want to grow old with - but not for a few years yet.

Dirk Goldbach

Bachelor of Science

My role
There should only be crackling at the camp fire - noise only at the ocean. > Dirk works on the perfect sound, in silence.
I have been at Magenta since 2008, because ...
... I really like structured work and my colleagues, as well as the work environment here. I think that, as a positive and helpful person, I have found a place in the perfect team.

Dominik Näder

Media designer picture and sound

My role
20 seconds is sufficient for many things: excitement, emotions, information. > Dominik puts messages in a nutshell.
I have been at Magenta since 2007, because ...
... Here I am Movie-Man, here dare it to be.

Elena Bertram

Media designer picture and sound

My role
Hard work in a small circle - everything revolves around the perfect result. Sensitive fingers on solid technology. > Elena takes care of it.
I have been at Magenta since 2015, because ...
... the media world excites me and I calm things down in emerging stress situations and reliably perform my tasks in a goal-oriented manner. In the face of the standard industry phases, in which meticulous and swift action is required, we have a collegial and friendly working atmosphere, true to the motto: "All for one and one for all".

Florian Zagni

Production management / Engineer for information and communication technology

My role
Data looked after just like pop stars - big appearances, perfectly timed. > Florian manages in the background.
I have been at Magenta since 2015, because ...
... I am really hard on myself. Which means I fit in perfectly here, because all of my colleagues here set themselves high standards. This motivates me as much as the friendly working climate and the fun in between."

Gerhard Racky

Radio and TV technician / image technician

My role
Red shadows on the pasture? An error in the file? Not with this guy. > Gerhard looks closely and makes adjustments.
I have been at Magenta since 1979, because ...
... I still like to bring color into play, even after 40 years. I am very proud of our good work and many satisfied customers.

Holger Jung

Audio Engineer

My role
Always have good sound in mind - both in life as well as in the recording studio. > Holger provides for superb openings and crystal-clear aural pleasures.
I have been at Magenta since 2014, because ...
... I - a vintager through and through - never find problems, only solutions. That goes for the entire team and the energy at Magenta keeps impressing me again and again!

Sebastian Beyer

Media designer picture and sound

My role

Ambitious and inquisitive - film love meets smooth processes.  Sebastian releases and transforms powerful visual energies.

I have been at Magenta since 2015, because ...

... I have already acquired a broad spectrum of knowledge during my training in this well-coordinated team. The processes are right, the colleagues are experts. Perfect to specialize and not to linger.

Karl-Heinz Kossmann

Media designer picture and sound

My role
There is no “can’t” - this is not only a slogan, but a promise. > Karl-Heinz gets going when others have given up.
I have been at Magenta since 1979, because ...
... as a living television fossil, I never get away from the TV. Lively, like the entire team. I am also reliable, customer- and result-oriented, have a wide range of interests and I am resourceful.

Kevin Schmittel

Commercial employee

My role
No job is the same as the other - you need to think outside the box. > Kevin is our order processing professional and takes care of all tasks.
I have been at Magenta since 2016, because ...
... like my colleagues, I like to have fun, even when there is a flood of orders. Here, one hand washes the other and the familiar climate is a true enrichment - day after day. Thanks, Magenta.

Kim Seidemann

Media designer picture and sound

My role

Good nose meets spotlight. Kim explores, checks and implements cleverly. She knows how to put her thirst for knowledge and her open-mindedness in the video editing precisely and courageously in scene and Kim doesn't miss anything during the material testing.

I have been at Magenta since 2019, because ...

... as a friendly and open-minded person working with a perfectly coordinated team, I can solve exciting tasks and always face new challenges.

Leon Haindl

Media designer picture and sound, Trainee

My role

Since 2018 Leon has been enriching us as an apprentice with his wit, charm and a lot of appetite, with his high level of perceptiveness and care. Both in mastering and in conversions he shows his love for perfection.

I have been at Magenta since 2018, because ...

... I can feed my passion with the necessary know-how and realize my "adventure" film in a familiar and helpful atmosphere.

Sascha Fröhder

Media designer picture and sound

My role

Audiophile and cineaste from an early age > Sascha brings everything with him and strengthens our media design team.


... I have made my passion my profession and can pursue it professionally in a family atmosphere where everyone is there for each other. There is nothing lacking here. Great tasks and state-of-the-art technology, which I already got to know here as a trainee, make my moving image heart beat faster.

Niels Torben Back

Media designer picture and sound

My role
The correct image structure creates the right impact - for images that have impact. > Torben knows the Golden Section and when you can ignore it.
I have been at Magenta since 2006, because ...
... I want to get the best out of every production. Being able to use my good eye for detail and my creative talent in daily tasks motivates me again and again - especially in color correction, through which I influence each individual image and design impressive TV experiences.

Sven Haas

Media technician/colorist

My role
Impressive performances are a colorist’s thing - lasting impressions the goal. > Sven produces images with a certain flair and gives trainees the overview.
I have been at Magenta since 2005, because ...
... I love the challenges and the diversity that the complex tasks of our customers bring.

Saskia Haas

Management Assistant, B.Sc. Media, IT and management

My role
Girl for everything and Magenta mum – each team needs a good soul with fine antennae and a view of the bigger picture. > Saskia manages this office with a certain something.
I have been at Magenta since 2008, because ...
... I have an open ear for everyone. I think it is never too late to learn and at Magenta there is plenty of variety, so that each day remains exciting and we can always be successful as a flexible team.

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One of our current jobs: the complete post-production of a 45-minute documentary on shooting stars.

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