DVD and Blu-Ray Authoring

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People like being surrounded by the things they love. Therefore, we are also happy to produce DVDs and Blu-rays of your projects. To round things off, we also take care of the creation of the menus and matching intermediate sequences. If everything runs smoothly, you only need a promising design for the cover and booklet. And because we are Magenta, we can do this for you too.


Fresh orange juice for visitors, of course! We even produce small DVD and Blu-ray runs of up to 300 units per day right here in-house. For example, there is no unnecessary detour for recording DVDs and Blu-rays as proof, press or editorial copies. We instruct our partner press facility to process larger orders.

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DVD- and Blu-Ray Authoring
We produce DVDs and Blu-rays for you - with sophisticated on-screen menus or harmonic intermediate sequences. On request, we also take care of the design of the cover and booklet.

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