Film & Video Production

Through the eye and directly into the heart - the medium of film makes it possible to convey messages practically without friction losses.

Production services in detail

TV Clips

Do you have a special product, a novelty, a company or an idea that you want to present to the world? We will help you turn your material into a 20second commercial which puts what you want to say in a nutshell

Cinema Trailers

Appetite for more: The perfect trailer arouses interest, tickles needs and hits the heart. Thrilling music, great pictures and just the right words at the right moment - almost a science in itself that requires a maximum of narrative economy.

Image films

The authentic look behind the scenes of your company is priceless - with dedication and meticulous commitment, we produce image films which put your company in the best light and all your competitors in the shade

A day at

A day at Magenta
Join us in our varied daily work and take a virtual look at our works and work. Here, you can get a picture of what steps your production will undergo with us and whose caring hands it will pass through.

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