The Magenta park

Our extensive machine park is like a zoo, populated by broadcast devices and real exotic TV species! We take care of every single piece lovingly and with attention.

Because after all, all large and small, old and young, high-tech and old school devices are part of our Magenta microcosm and indispensable on the way to the perfect result. The mastering of the finished movie in all common standards and formats becomes a finished work of art thanks to synergy.

The inimitable charisma

Of course, the usual exchange is file-based, but MAZ formats are not yet a thing of the past. Current to older formats: Our range reaches from 4x HDcam-SR machines over XDcamHD, HDcam, 2x DVCproHD, IMX, 8 x Digital Betacam, 2 x DVCpro50, DVCam, BetaCam SP up to rarities like D1, D2, D5, 1 "B-Format, 1 "C-Format, U-Matic as well as standard and format converters like the LYNX PVD 5660 or the Snell Alchemist Ph.C HD or Alchemist XF. NTSC devices ensure fast global exchange and audio formats such as DA98 or DAT can also be processed.


  • HDCamSR
  • HDCam
  • XDCamHD
  • DVCproHD
  • DVCpro50
  • DVCam
  • Digital Betacam
  • 1"B-Format
  • 1"C-Format
  • D1
  • D2
  • D5
  • U-matic
  • LYNX PVD 5660
  • Snell Alchemist Ph.C HD

through & through!

We are professionals - our devices are professional - our format range is broad - together, we are Magenta and have been making movies fit for broadcast for over 40 years. You can see it and feel it.

Best infrastructure

Excellent location and fast dedicated line

Benefit from the fastest network connection in an excellent location in Wiesbaden.

Nothing stands in the way of your next film project, either digitally or analogue. Waiting for what? Simply get in touch with us.

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