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Fully flexible

We are pleased to see new faces and allow cutters to immerse themselves in the Magenta environment. Book our fully equipped edit suites and bring your staff. To make a reservation, just call 0611 9320960. Alice or Jenny will agree a date with you and will even get a fruit bowl ready for you. We are there for you if you have technical questions. We look forward to seeing you and hope that you feel comfortable with us.

All-round service

After the cut, we can take on the next steps for you, such as color correction, mastering, technical tests and duplications, all in a timely manner and directly on the spot. And all of this without time-consuming copying operations ...

Flexible &

Book an edit suite

You can also use the edit suites, which are equipped to the highest standards, on your own or with your own employees. For technical questions, we are there for you and are happy to help.

Steps such as color correction, audio editing, mastering and technical tests can then be completed quickly and easily directly by us in situ.

Best infrastructure

Excellent location and fast dedicated line

Benefit from the fastest network connection in an excellent location in Wiesbaden.

Nothing stands in the way of your next film project, either digitally or analogue. Waiting for what? Simply get in touch with us.

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